Saturday, 8 December 2012

Dreaming Fantastical Tales: Her Emotion struck many (Dying Swan)

Her emotion struck many (Dying Swan)
Laetitia Nguyen

The rustling curtains whisper my name, perhaps I am mad. But I am about to step onto a lake that will keep my name floating for centuries after. The stage is my lake and as the music starts I hope the ripples I make will spread afar. When I dance, my arms are wings, fluid, otherworldly. With each extension of my foot, emotions strike out like the beating of swan's wings. I am a swan, a dying swan. As the music dies, the swan dies,the audience is silent with awe. It is evident that the ripples of the lake have turned to waves, lapping at the shore.

Copyright Nguyen, Laetitia 2012


  1. Hi - new follower here :). Like you, I've very recently started blogging...we seem to have the same amount of followers, too (well, now you get to have one more, because of me...).
    I found you via Ali Martinelli's interview. Love the layout and also this little story...very evocative.