Monday, 7 January 2013

Book Review: Traitor's Kiss by Pauline Francis

Rating: 3 out of 5
Format: Paperback, 288 pages
Publisher: Usborne Books 2011
Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction

Traitor's Kiss

Traitor's Kiss tells the story of The young Elizabeth I and the famous scandal that she faced. At 15, her resemblence to her dead mother, Anne Boleyn, is becoming ever evident and rumours are starting to surround her...with the thought of a coronation constantly tagging at the back of her mind. Eager and desperate to find out the truth in her mother's crimes, it just happens that Elizabeth meets Francis, a collector of the dead and filled with the information that she needs. Francis claims his mother was a Lady in waiting to Anne Boleyn, but how far will the young Elizabeth go for information and at a time where scandals surround her.

Well, Tratior's Kiss was one of those books where you think that was a great book, if only the author made it better. After reading the blurb, the title and reading the first few chapters (not to mention the promising cover) I was slightly disappointed with the book as I had hoped it would have been...more. I would have liked the author to make the describing of Elizabeth and Robert Dudley's (Elizabeth's susposed love) romance more vivid and intense since this is a speciality of Tudor novels.

In reviews people have compared Pauline Francis's book to that of Phillipa Gregory's who is the master of tudor and historical fiction. I wish I hadn't seen those reviews, it made me set a higher standard for Traitor's Kiss, one that rivaled Phillipa Gregory's invincible 'The Other Boleyn Girl'. Traitor's Kiss was written extremely well, it portrayed Elizabeth beautifully. I really did like it. If only it had more meat to it.

I think the thick atmosphere of Tudor times was portrayed very well and I was able to relate to the characters and the characteristics of the time.

Traitor's Kiss is definitely a good introduction to the wonder's of historical fiction. If you haven't yet read novels in the historical genre I would recomend this young adult novel as a taster.

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  1. Laetitia's comment is not true it is an amazing book