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Hi I'm Laetitia and thanks for stopping by at Flurried Thought called Book Reviews.

I started this blog; Flurried Thoughts called Book Reviews, because I wanted to help authors by providing reviews and also because I like spreading the word about the books I read...so why not tell the whole world? Book blogging also gives me an insight into the world of reviewing and editing, an option that I might want to explore when older. Lastly, putting pen to paper (wait...finger to keyboard) helps me to organise my extreme passion and sometimes exaggerated critisicsm for a novel and these take form as reviews.

11 Random Facts about myself from the Liebster Blog Award:

1. I'm a hopeless romantic. I surround myself with tragedies and love stories. Wherefore art thou Romeo? I spend my days pining for 'the one'...

2. I'm a musician. When I'm not reading, reviewing or bicycle riding (see below), I'm playing the piano, oboe or guitar.

3. I love bicycle riding, however I'm not a fan of lycra. I like to combine style with riding. Search Cycle Chic on the web...it's a whole movement!

4. I'm all for girly vintage and classic in fashion (and bicycles, vintage style bicycles ). However, I can't stand old clothes/books smell. Sometimes I over-do the vintage thing in my room decorating (think pastel colours and roses).

5. I like to drink bubble tea, rooibos tea and lemon lime bitters (not mixed together ☺)

6. Well this one's obvious. I love to read! Hopefully many explanations are conveyed in those four words.

7. I love my dogs. I swear the little bundles of fluff are the cutest animals on Earth.

8. I always wanted to try archery properly...

9. I love to dance. I'm a ballet dancer and do spend quite some time in my pointe shoes (toe shoes).

10. Downton Abbey is my favourite television series. It's so addictive!

11. I like attending the theatre to see ballets, operas and musicals.

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    Springfield MO- October 1st was the launch of A Night on Ghost Island an original graphic novel about a tween skeptic who is dared to spend the night on a haunted island. "I never had any interest in making books for kids" artist/author Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf-Atreides explains "which is a shame because they tend to be the ones most interested in comics at conventions. It'll be nice to have something age appropriate for them."
    Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf-Atreides has a reputation in Springfield, Chicago, San Francisco, and elsewhere for being subversive and one of the most prolific cartoonist you've never heard of. His comics have appeared in small publications of every kind from activist newspapers, webcomics and his own zines.
    Most ambitiously he ran for the U.S. House of representatives and one the primary against the political science teacher for the Missouri House.
    Though asking for a humble $350 Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf-Atreides is bracing himself "I've had things go viral on me before without being ready for it. I might have gone to DC if I just had a donate button, but it blew up a week after I posted my platform online. This Kickstarter is only meant to get some books to people outside my convention circuit but you just never know."

    A Night on Ghost Island is slated to debut at Skepticon 8 in Springfield MO